Check out this awesome infographic we found on the wait for organ donation

The numbers are derived from American statistics, but organ donation rates are an issue all across the world, so this is relevant to us too.

The US also has an opt in system, and although organ donors increase yearly, there is still only 1 donor for every 8 people that need an organ.

There are also many young children that need transplants, most importantly liver transplants for children under 1.


One response to “Infographic

  1. Dear Donor4Life,

    Since your campaign started, Donor Date Australia has completely supported your cause. But also, since you have commenced educating and informing the public on the need for organ donors, I have registered as an organ donor. Your message inspired me to individually help those in need when I do not need them anymore. So thank you for pushing this social cause, you have my full support.

    Thank you,

    Lucy Kenneally

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