Gruen Planet: Compulsory Organ Donation

Did you guys watch Gruen Planet last night? The Pitch was about compulsory organ donation, and it’s worth having a look at. If you missed it, you can watch it on ABC iView.


3 responses to “Gruen Planet: Compulsory Organ Donation

  1. This was a great pitch idea for the Gruen Transfer and gave the idea of compulsory organ donation excellent media. Are you guys are using the hashtag #GiveToGet? We checked out the feed on Twitter and there is lots of engagement for it.
    The issue of compulsory organ donation seems to be a hot topic that many people have an opinion on. It also featured on the latest season of Can of Worms, which your blog also covered.
    Have you seen this article stating a few arguments for and against organ donation?
    It’s an older article from the UK but makes some good points. We believe that the biggest obstacles you face are religious beliefs and a person’s right to their own body, why an opt-out option for organ donation is probably the best.

  2. I liked the pitch, but I’m not sure whether I really agree with the principle. A life is a life, regardless of whether they where an organ donator or not. Should we not allow someone to get blood if they don’t donate?

  3. I saw this, I think it’s a great concept. I don’t think its fair to expect organs off other people if you wouldn’t be prepared to give your own.

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