Humanity…a wonderful thing

Life is unpredictable. It is when tragedy strikes that people need us most, and it’s when our most natural instincts as humans and our need to help kick in. tragedy can often result in disfigurement and damage to the body that may sometimes result in a need for a transplant, burns victims are part of this category.

According to the Peter Hughes Burn Foundation there are more than 10,000 residential fires in Australia each year. Two out of three children are killed in house fires are under the age of five. Fire and burns are a significant risk for Australians and can have traumatic consequences for the victim.

For burn victims, skin grafts are the most effective way to treat people with severe burns. Generally such grafts are taken from the patient (parts that are not burned) however some people lack enough of their own skin for this to occur. It is in such instances that skin donation is not only physically healing gift, but also emotional for many burns victims.

A major question people ask when it comes to donating skin is will it leave a scar. In most cases the thinness of the skin being removed means there should be a graze-like result from the donation, which is often in places which are generally covered (back, legs, and abdomen).

See the courage and resilience it takes for burns victim survivors, Marius a12 year old Romanian boy inspires with his story.

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