Sometimes the best thing to do is talk about…

Prior to starting this campaign and prior to the statistics, facts and stories I have been exposed to, I was not an organ donor.

I am still not an organ donor…however now it’s different.

After realising (and thus starting this campaign) the severe need for organ donors, I made it a personal mission to donate my organs. Technically the process is simple really. Tick the box on your license. However when I told my mum my intentions, the seemingly simple task turned into a complicated tangle.

I have spoken to quiet a few people about it, and there seems to be a mutual agreement among many young people that if it were up to their parents they wouldn’t be donating organs.

Why? After much deliberation and discussion it seems to me that it is parents that are born overseas who hold a different view on organ donation compared to their children who are brought up here in Australia.

After a heated debate of why’s, if’s and but’s, I came to the conclusion that it’s a mentality manifested from legitimately broken health care systems in nations around the world..

For example living donors in China are being targeted as a result of a crackdown on illegal organ trade which was at it’s peak back in 2005, according to this report by the ABC.

Understandably the reluctance by some cultures and parents is inevitable.

So what can we do? We can dispel myths, talk to them about it and show them the safety associated with organ donation in Australia.

We are trying to change how people think about organ donation. Help us!

❤ ❤ Nina


2 responses to “Sometimes the best thing to do is talk about…

  1. Great post! I totally agree that as a younger generation we need to talk openly about the topic with those parents who are reluctant, and show them why organ donation is so important. This ad that is on TV at the moment is really inspirational and perfect for your campaign. Will’s story is heartbreaking and made me realise that I wouldn’t even second guess donating my organs. Even if it’s just one life you save, it’s worth it.

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